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Successful Sciencewise workshop with suppliers to strengthen relationships and build understanding of Sciencewise approaches and plans

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Sciencewise ran a workshop on 11 March 2015 for past and potential delivery and evaluation suppliers, to provide an update on Sciencewise activities and plans and build relationships between suppliers and between them and Sciencewise. This was partly to enable smaller suppliers to meet others to enable them to bid for larger contracts, and thus to extent the pool of contractors able to tender for project delivery and evaluation.

The event was attended by 29 external participants; 25 provided feedback:
•    8 found the event very valuable and were very satisfied; plus 13 found it fairly valuable and were fairly satisfied (total 21 satisfied); 4  were not very satisfied
•    The sessions on procurement processes and the quality framework were seen as providing the greatest benefits
•   The main suggestion for improvement was a little more time
•   Other comments included:

-  "Thanks for doing this. I think getting suppliers together is very valuable"
-  "Very interesting workshop" and
-  "It is great that you have run this event - very helpful for suppliers and valuable learning".