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Space weather public dialogue project recognised by House of Lords Select Committee inquiry into the Resilience of the Electricity System

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The written evidence to the Committee by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) specifically described the dialogue project in some detail, covering the STFC role in commissioning the dialogue, the Steering group including NERC, the Met Office, the UK Space Agency, the RAS and the Cabinet Office ( They also described the dialogue and its conclusions:

"The dialogue process included discussions with members of the public in a number of UK locations ... Committee members should note that participants became particularly engaged with and spent time understanding this issue. The participants strongly support the need for more scientific research into space weather and for the development of space- and ground-based systems to better understand how it affects the terrestrial environment. Interestingly the public were also specifically clear that they themselves had a duty to be resilient in the difficult circumstances of a severe space weather event and made links to wider resilience to other extreme weather events."

"Outside of medicine, there are few examples of scientific research where the case being made by scientists is so clearly endorsed by the wider public. The Society therefore asks the Government to note this support and to ensure that research into space weather receives the investment it needs."

The report from the enquiry itself refers to the dialogue report (which had been published in February 2015) in a footnote (173), with a weblink to the dialogue report, and saying:

"We also note the recent publication of a report, based on contributions from the public, scientific and government experts, and from a series of public dialogue events, which offers recommendations on actions to deal with the impact of space weather events in the future."

House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, 1st Report of Session 2014-15. The Resilience of the Electricity System, published 12 March 2015.

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