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Living with Environmental Change practice note draws on results of the Sciencewise dialogue around National Ecosystem Assessment

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In December 2015, the Living with Environment Change (LWEC) partnership published a practice note (number 23) on ‘Using ecosystem services in public engagement and dialogue on the natural environment’. The practice note is based on the results and experience of the public dialogue project on the National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) supported by Sciencewise.

The practice note draws particularly on the findings of the dialogue to suggest how the concept of ‘ecosystem services’ can be used to engage wider publics in dialogue about the natural environment.

The note summarises the concept of ecosystem services and the value of using that concept as part of public engagement and dialogue, as well as addressing the barriers that might arise in using the concept. The note also looks at the role that monetary valuation evidence can play in ecosystem services, and the pros and cons of using monetary valuation. The note includes guidance on the key considerations for practitioners when using ecosystem services in public engagement and dialogue.

LWEC Policy and Practice Note 23, Using ecosystem services in public engagement and dialogue on the natural environment.

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