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Highly positive feedback on Sciencewise training for civil servants, with follow up including requests for support from Department of Health Policy Support Team

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In the period January to March, six Sciencewise training sessions have been held for a total of 66 participants. The sessions and details of feedback were as follows:

•    12 January 2015. Civil Service Learning (CSL) training session at the Home Office in Sheffield. 5 participants. Feedback was that 2 participants ranked the session as excellent (5 out of 5 points), and 2 ranked it as very good (4 out of 5 points). All said they would recommend the session to other colleagues.

•    19 January 2015. CSL training session at the Home Office in London. 6 participants. 4 said very good (4/5). 5 said would recommend the session.

•    16 February 2015. Training session at Department of Health. 12 participants. 5 gave feedback, of whom 4 said the session was very good (4/5). All said they would recommend the session.

One of the participants in this session followed up and made contact with their counterparts in Defra and DECC, recommending the session by saying:

"We invited Amy and her colleagues from Sciencewise along to present a really interesting and engaging session on public dialogues"

This participant also recommended Sciencewise to colleagues in Department of Health (DH), which led to a request from DH for further support for their Policy Support Team including around data science and digital engagement; a meeting was held and there is potential for further future links.

•    17 February 2015. Training session held at BIS. 14 participants. 9 gave feedback, of whom 2 said it was excellent (5/5) plus 6 said it was very good (4/5). 7 said they would recommend the session.

•    23 February 2015. Training session held at the Open Policy Making unit at the Cabinet Office. 20 participants. Following requests by participants, the slides from the Sciencewise sessions were circulated to all participants.

•    18 March 2015. CSL training session as part of the Open Policy Making module to Civil Service Fast Trackers. 10 participants (plus trainer). Feedback was positive from the trainers, who said "the presentation was fascinating - keep it up!"). From the 10 other participants, 6 said the session was excellent (5/5), and 2 as very good (4/5). 9 said they would recommend the session.