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Evaluation of Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs) dialogue

Evaluation report on the impact and quality of the NIAs public dialogue project, supported by Sciencewise. The overarching aim of the NIA public dialogue project was ‘to support Natural England, Defra and partners to use public dialogue in local decision making for the development of integrated biodiversity, landscape and ecosystems policy and practice, within the context of localism and Big Society.’


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Sciencewise provides dialogue support to policy makers across government and works through the British Science Association to engage the public.

Latest Impacts - top 5

Sciencewise continuously evaluates all its activities. We monitor and report on the impacts of the individual public dialogue projects and the programme as a whole. The latest impacts of Sciencewise projects include:

1. UK policy on leap seconds

2. Wellbeing policy in three departments

3. Radioactive waste disposal policy

4. Mitochondrial donation

5. Public engagement in shale gas development

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